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Here's what people are saying about Doulas of Central New Jersey.

"My only complaint is that there is no clone of Arlene"


"After a very challenging birth, Arlene was a welcome boost. We also really liked her proactive attitude to getting things done."


"We are so thankful we hired Arlene. She taught us so much and really cared about our family. She is extremely supportive and has so much knowledge and expertise to share."


"Arlene was invaluable in the emotional support category. She boosted my confidence tenfold and anytime I would doubt myself, a phone call would make me feel better. I'll never forget how important Arlene was in the first weeks of Naoh's life."


"Hiring a postpartum doula was a great decision for our family. With Arlene, we felt especially lucky. She came right in, knew what to do and encouraged us to do the things we needed to do to take care of ourselves and our family. We especially appreciated her commitment, support, joy and incredible range of knowledge on postpartum as well as family matters."


"I highly recommend Arlene for any doula job. Her warm, sunny personality is a welcome blessing in any home,during what can be an overwhelming time of change for any new family"


"Thank you for the great doula service you provided in those early weeks of Aidan's life. I'd no idea how sore I was going to be! It made my husband more secure knowing I wasn't doing it alone."


"Feel free to share my evaluation with potential clients. I would gladly be a reference for you."


"Arlene's service and expertise are priceless. I can honestly say I have no idea how I would have managed with a newborn and a toddler. She knows exactly how to care for a nursing mother, newborn, young children and a household. I highly recommend Arlene to everyone who is giving birth."


"Great Doula - very supportive & knowlegeable"



"Arlene the doula provided excellent support/ instruction for first time mom"


"Arlene was invaluable to me while I was getting used to taking care of a newborn. I don't know how I would have done it without her. She was available just hours after I left the hospital & kept me from having a nervous breakdown due to how overwhelmed I was. Hiring her was honestly the BEST THING I ever did. She helped give me confidence with my newborn. Thanks so much, Arlene! You saved me (us!)!"


"Arlene for president"


"Really a life saver, not sure what we would have done without her. Prevented a lot of arguments between me and my husband"


"Wonderful! You're an angel. I really appreciated yout time and thoughtful, caring support"


Arlene provided professional and great guidance during the ywo weeks. She is a  "great teacher" , always willing to take her time and teach.


Arlene was wonderful!!! She is extrememly helpful and thoughtful. She is able to determine what needs to be done and provides her service in a professional, sensitive and no-abrasive manner. She was extremely helpful not only with our infant, but with our 2 year old as well.


and a nurse comments:                                                                                           

Ms Sroczynski is relentless in her pursuit of creative, supportive activities that make real her commitment to family life. Her interest in supporting the basic bonding experience of mothers, fathers aand infants is consistent with her personal philosophy and life experience."

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